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From La Alcubilla del Caracol we offer you an unforgettable experience that, starting from the accommodation, in a Carmen – Hotel in Granada, which is the most traditional construction of Granada culture, it will be perfect to enjoy the charm of the city and discover the culture and tradition that make Granada a unique place. The exciting history of the city is reflected in its monuments, its neighbourhoods and its squares, but also in its traditions. For this reason, we are going to recommend some original plans so that you can experience the most authentic Andalusia and Granada through its flavours, its Arab baths or flamenco dancing.

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A hammam, also known as an Arab bath, is a type of steam bath that originated in the Islamic world during the Middle Ages. Hammams are composed of several rooms, each with a different temperature and humidity, and are used to cleanse and relax the body and mind.

In Granada, hammams are traditional due to the influence of the Andalusian culture, which ruled the region for several centuries. Arab baths became an essential element of daily life in Granada and other parts of Andalusia during this period, and today, many visiting tourists dedicate a morning or afternoon to experience the relaxing and therapeutic experience of a traditional hammam, which is quite different from what we know as the typical spa or health resort.

In Granada we have several Arab baths. The most famous by size is the Hamman Al Andalus Granada, located in Plaza Nueva. There are also smaller but equally highly recommended, such as Al Haram Granada, where you can even enjoy a private room with an Arab bath. A unique experience that, if you want to live it, you will have to book in advance, as they are in high demand because the capacity is limited in order to offer a truly relaxing experience.

It is worth mentioning a Moorish bath from the Nasrid period called the Bañuelo, which can be visited as a historical building.

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Granada’s gastronomy offers local dishes and products that have been preserved over the years. Some of them come from the Muslim period, others are based on typical local products. Apart from the wide range of restaurants that you will find in the city, you can live a different experience offered by a company in Granada: eating at the home of a local person, who will make you an exquisite lunch or a dinner to taste a traditional menu.

The company is called Sazón The Folk Cook. Home cooking prepared by women who have been cooking dishes from the typical gastronomy of Granada all their lives. On their website you can see the menus, the houses where they are offered, the person who will give you the service and book a date and time. Gastronomy will not be the only experience, but you will see how life is lived in a typical Granada house. In addition, many of the houses are in spectacular locations with spectacular views, others have Andalusian patios, are in the most typical neighbourhoods… And, of course, you will have the chance to share a very pleasant time with the person who will prepare the menu.

If you are interested in booking this activity, we recommend that you do so in advance, as availability is limited as it is an experience where you will be alone enjoying this experience and you will not share space with other guests.

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One of the hallmarks of Andalusia is undoubtedly flamenco dancing. And, as such, in Granada there is a wide range of places where you can enjoy this deep-rooted tradition. The district of Sacromonte, located just opposite the Alhambra, stands out as the district of flamenco singing and dancing artists.

The flamenco caves of Sacromonte are a peculiarity of Granada. These caves were carved out of the rock and have traditionally been used as dwellings by the gypsies who inhabited this area. Over time, these caves became meeting places where the gypsies held parties and danced flamenco. Today, many of these caves have been adapted as venues for flamenco shows, offering a unique and intimate experience of this Andalusian art form.

Flamenco caves are famous for their authentic and welcoming atmosphere, as well as for the quality of the shows presented in them. In addition, many of these caves have breathtaking views of the city and the Darro River valley, making them not only an ideal place to enjoy the art of flamenco, but also to enjoy the natural beauty of Granada with spectacular views of the Alhambra.

Some of the ones we usually recommend are La Cueva La Rocío or La Venta El Gallo in Sacromonte; Peña La Platería in the Albaicín and the Casa del Arte Flamenco in the centre. This activity does not usually require as much advance notice as the others mentioned above, so you can book it directly during your stay in Granada.

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Depending on the date you come, you can find different events and festivals that take place throughout the year in Granada. One of the most famous is the Music and Dance Festival, which takes place in June and July, with internationally renowned artists.

In autumn, at the beginning of November, you have the Jazz Festival. And in venues such as the Manuel de Falla Auditorium, you can find classical music concerts throughout the year.

As far as culture is concerned, there are several places in the city where there are usually events and different exhibitions. Some of these places are the Museo de Bellas Artes, Museo José Guerrero, Casa de Los Tiros, Hospital Real or the Fundación García Lorca.

And these are our recommendations so that you can immerse yourself in the culture and traditions of Granada in a more authentic and experiential way.

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planes granada encanto made in granada eventos festivales

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